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These are just a few of the common questions we get asked. If there is anything you still have questions about, please reach out to us, we're happy to chat!


What is the wedding capacity?

250 guests including wedding party

What is the rental fee for the Heritage Barn and what's included?

Please refer to our pricing page here for a detailed list of included features and a full pricing guide.

What dates do you have available?

You can find our available dates information here.

When are payments due? Do you offer payment plans?

When the contract is signed, a deposit of 50% of the total invoice is due in order to secure the date. The final installment will be required six months prior to the event. You are welcome to make additional partial payments along the way in the form of a payment plan, so let us know if you'd like to add in some smaller increments to your payment schedule. If you're making payments via check, please include the name of the couple and the wedding date in the memo. Contact us for more details regarding check payments.

What form of payment does Heritage Barn accept?

We accept major credit cards, cash, check, or bank transfer.

How do I reserve a date?

When you're ready to book with us, please email with the date you'd like to reserve and the items you'd like to include in your package (day-of house rental, ceremony on-site, overnight accommodations, etc.). We will let you know if the date is available and ask any further info we may need. Once you receive your proposal, you have 10 days to sign and complete the first payment and your date is temporarily reserved for you during this time. If the 10 days has passed without the initial payment, the date will no longer be reserved for you and is made available. Please keep us in the loop and let us know if you need any help or have any questions. We are happy to guide you through this process. Dates are reserved on a first requested basis so once you have a date selected, reach out to us!

Do I have to schedule a tour or can I just stop by?

We kindly request that all tours be scheduled by appointment only. You can request a tour here.

What is the average budget for a couple getting married at the Heritage Barn?

We feel that a comfortable minimum budget for a wedding at our venue is $15,000. That is not to say that budget savvy couples haven't done it for less but when you add in all wedding expenses (venue, food, dress, DJ, photo/video, etc.), you want to make sure your venue isn't taking up much more than roughly 25-40% of the total wedding budget. Our couples spend an average of around $20,000-$25,000 for their entire wedding but we have hosted lovely weddings with both budgets less than that as well as significantly above that 'average' range. If you're unsure if your overall budget will fit with our venue, please reach out. That all being said, every couple and wedding vision is different so let's chat about what you have in mind and if it's a possibility at our space!

Is there a guest count minimum?

No! In fact, although our space is large and can accommodate up to 250 guests for a wedding, we have strategic ways to set up the layout so that smaller events don't feel too small for the space. We have hosted events as small as 20 guests and they are lovely, intimate, and just as magical as a larger event.

Do you provide catering services? What about bar?

We do not offer food and beverage services (we leave that to the pros). We have some really great food and beverage caterers right in town so we have a list of those vendors that we have worked with, who know the space, and provide a wonderful service. You are also welcome to use other caterers you may find. For any caterers we have not worked with previously, we do require an in-person meeting to show them the space and go over some venue details and logistics. We also recommend sourcing from no more than 30 minutes away for food quality, freshness, and general travel risk aversion.

Can I use any vendors that I want?

Yes! You are able to put together the vendor lineup of your choice. We have accumulated a list of a lot of great vendors and we are always available to help make recommendations to you if you need help or are looking for more options!

Will there be another wedding the same day? What about the same weekend? 

At the Heritage Barn, we only host one wedding per day. Typically, the maximum number of weddings we will host in a weekend is two. Our pricing is structured as a two-day bundle (Thursday & Friday or Saturday & Sunday). If you would prefer a slower pace, more relaxation, and a private setting, you can reserve the 3-day Wedding Weekend Package which gives you exclusive access to the property on your wedding weekend. Find more information on wedding packages here.

Do you host weekday weddings?

We do! Send us an email at if you want more information on weekday weddings.

What is the parking situation for our guests?

Our parking lots are gravel based with a grass overlay. This keeps the mud away while offering a more lush and natural aesthetic around the property. On event day, we have multiple parking attendants assisting your guests with where to park and where to go next. We have paved handicapped parking as well. Don't worry, with 200 acres of land, we have plenty of parking for all of your guests!

Is your property handicapped accessible?

Yes! We are fully ADA compliant with handicapped restrooms, an elevator lift, and handicapped parking. The ceremony lawn has a driveway very close by where any guests can be dropped off for the ceremony. The Hop House has first floor handicap accessibility with a bedroom and full bathroom downstairs and the Farmhouse also has a bedroom and full bathroom on the first level but does require three steps to enter the house.

Do you have indoor bathrooms?

Yes! We have new custom-built bathrooms right inside of the barn.

My wedding will be kid-friendly. What amenities do you have to accommodate children?

Each bathroom has a baby changing station. We also have three wooden highchairs that you may utilize.

What overnight accommodations are nearby?

Between our 4 houses, we can accommodate up to 33 guests. Our town is also built for visitors because of the local university so there are tons of options for overnight accommodations:

  • The Colgate Inn: 40 rooms - located right in the center of town

  • Hotel One75 (sister hotel to Colgate Inn): 93 rooms

  • Hamilton Inn: 5 boutique guest rooms

  • Ashling Acres: various boutique lodging options

  • our network of vacation rentals (a little local version of AirBnB)

  • There are also many B&Bs and vacation rentals in and around town

Do you have rectangle tables in addition to round tables?

We have some rectangle tables that can be used for head table or king table, gift table, DJ, etc. but the majority of your guests will be seated at our 5 foot and/or 6 foot round tables. If you reserve a 3-Day Wedding Weekend Package, you may rent additional rectangular tables from a rental company.

How many people can sit at each round table?

Our 5 foot round tables can seat up to 8 guests and the 6 foot round tables can seat up to 10 guests comfortably. We always recommend filling the tables with as many guests as they will seat so that you ultimately have less tables and more spaces to move around and dance!

Do you provide linens, glasses, silverware, plates, etc?

We do not provide these items. We recommend sourcing these items through your caterer. It is typical for them to add rentals to your catering contract. You are welcome to bring your own linens and dining items as well.

Where should I get linens?

You can either go through your caterer to rent linens, go directly to a linen rental company (we can recommend some vendors to you), or purchase your own linens (and maybe try to resell them afterwards).

What size linens should I get?

  • 5' round tables: 120" (to the floor) or 108" (3/4 of the way down)

  • 6' round tables: 132" (to the floor) or 120" (3/4 of the way down)

  • 10' wood buffet table: 90"x156" (floor length on front, 18" drop on ends)

  • 8' rectangle tables: 90"x156" (to the floor) or 90"x132" (floor length on front, 18" drop on the ends)

  • 4'x4' square sweetheart table: 108" round (to the floor)

  • Cocktail tables: 120" round (to the floor)

Do you have outdoor ceremony locations?

We do! We have two outdoor locations for ceremonies. Our ceremony lawn is the most popular. It is a large lawn that overlooks our very own hop field and the rolling hills of the Chenango Valley. The other outdoor option is the backyard of the Farmhouse. It provides a quaint and private ceremony location with the romantic backdrop of the old Farmhouse.

Do you have an indoor ceremony location?

Yes! If your guest count is 150 or less, everything can take place in the barn without having to flip the space! The ceremony would take place at the north end or the barn where the stage is located and the dining would be setup at the other end with the dance floor located in the middle. Sometimes, the threat of rain is not what you want to have to worry about so choosing an indoor ceremony from day one can give you peace of mind while still having beautiful photos showcasing the vast arch structure of the barn and gorgeous chandeliers and strings lights. If your guest count is more than 150, we recommend your primary option being an outdoor ceremony.

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

First of all, don't panic! Some of the most romantic and artsy photos come out of rainy or overcast days and luckily, inside of the barn is a gorgeous backdrop for a ceremony as it is! Some couples choose the indoor option from the beginning so they don't have to worry about weather changes at all. We will always have a backup plan in mind in the case of inclement weather. If your guest count is 150 or less, you can have both a full ceremony setup and dining setup all in the barn without losing your dance floor! If your guest count is over 150, we will work with you to come up with ceremony plans that fit your vision. Rest assured knowing that your day will be beautiful, rain or shine!

What time do you suggest we start the on-site ceremony?

We recommend ceremony start times to be between 2-4pm. There are a lot of factors that go into this decision though including whether or not you're doing a first look, how long hair stylists and makeup artists need to get through the wedding party services, what day you are getting married, etc. We recommend that Friday weddings begin a little closer to 2pm and end a little earlier in the evening to leave sufficient time for cleanup. Saturday weddings will need a little more time beforehand for setup and don't have to cleanup the night-of so closer to a 4pm ceremony time would be best. Every wedding is different so we are happy to discuss your wedding day timeline with you in more detail.

What if we want to have our ceremony off-site?

No problem at all! That is why an on-site ceremony is an optional add-on. You don't have to get married at our property. If you'd prefer a religious setting, there are various church options right in Hamilton!

Do you allow dogs to be on the property and/or in our wedding?

Yes! We are dog lovers and believe dogs are family, so they should be there if you want them to be a part of your big day! We do, however, have some rules regarding dogs on the property. It is up to the owner to make a responsible choice of whether or not to bring their dog and prior approval is required from your venue coordinator. The dog must be well behaved and not a danger to guests or staff. Dogs must be leashed at all times and someone other than the wedding couple must be responsible for them. If utilizing the houses, dogs are not permitted on any furniture, couches, or beds. When left unattended in the house, dogs must be crated or gated in a designated location set by your venue coordinator. If your dog has a habit of chewing furniture or belongings, has accidents inside, or is generally aggressive, please leave them home.

How do you control the temperature in the barn?

The barn is naturally ventilated and with the addition of a few techniques, we are able to cool down the barn on hot days and make it as comfortable as possible. We have tons of fans situated around the venue to help create airflow. On cold days, we have a temporary heater on standby that aids in warming up the inside of the barn to take the edge off and allow your guests to enjoy themselves without having to wear bulky coats.

What time will I have access to the Heritage Barn on my wedding day?

You will have access to the barn beginning at 10am on wedding day, not earlier. Please make your vendors aware of this time and plan accordingly.

Is your venue LGBTQIA+ friendly?

At the Heritage Barn, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive and welcoming space for all to enjoy. We believe that love is love, and that everyone should have the opportunity to celebrate their unique love story. All LGBTQIA+ people will be welcomed into a safe and supportive environment at our venue.

What time do I have access to the house if I'm just renting it to get ready in day-off? When do we have to be out?

For the day of house rental, you will have access to the house as early as 7am. Friday weddings have access until 4pm (belongings must be removed before the start of the ceremony). Saturday weddings have access for the full day until 10pm.

When is check-in and check-out if I'm renting the house for overnight accommodations?

If renting the house for Thursday night (Friday wedding), access begins at 2pm on Thursday and check-out is at 4pm on Friday (belongings must be removed before the start of the ceremony). If renting the house on Saturday night (Saturday wedding), access begins at 7am on Saturday and check-out is at 12pm on Sunday. For 3-Day Wedding Weekend Packages, check-in is 2pm on Thursday and check-out is 12pm on Sunday (you may request early check-in and late check-out for this package only).

What if we want to stay in the houses for three nights?

We encourage you to make the most of your wedding weekend getaway! With the 3-day Wedding Weekend Package, two nights in the two onsite houses are included. You may add additional nights for a discounted rate of of $500/night per house.

Do you include a wedding day coordinator?

The answer is yes and no. Mainly "yes" because we do things like, assist vendors with questions they may have, check-in on you when you're getting ready, help direct guests with where they should be and when, coordinate the ceremony walking times, fluff and bustle, help keep the wedding timeline on track, assist with introductions, etc. We are there to help make sure your day goes smoothly in any way we can. The answer to the question is only partially "no" because we don't get involved in the setup of your personal items or other vendor's items. If you are hoping to have someone setup your decorations, tie ribbons on your favors, pull battery tabs on your candles, etc. then you may want to hire a separate day-of coordinator or wedding planner. If you'd like more details of what you can expect from us on wedding day, let's chat!

Can we have a rehearsal on the property?

Thursdays are rehearsal days... if you feel like you need a rehearsal ahead of time. Both Friday and Saturday weddings can choose to rehearse on Thursday of wedding week. In all honestly you don't have to rehearse on-site but Saturday weddings can also rehearse the morning of the wedding if that would make you more comfortable. In this scenario, one partner (typically the Bride) would stay back and continue to get ready while the rest of the wedding party rehearses (the Bride has a straight shot down the aisle anyways). This way, the wedding party knows what they need to do and where to stand but you don't spoil the first look! Another option is to rehearse off-site the day before. The walking portion of the wedding ceremony is pretty straight forward so you don't absolutely have to rehearse where the ceremony is taking place. Rehearsals are mainly for figuring out order, pairings, and going over the main points of the ceremony. 3-Day Wedding Weekend Packages can rehearse the Friday before the wedding during the Friday early access time.

Are we responsible for setting up the tables, chairs, and fixtures?

No. Any fixtures and furniture that belong to us, we take care of. We will meet with you approximately one month before the event to discuss layout and wedding day details. We also ask for your seating chart ahead of time including the number of tables and each table size so we have all of the information we need to setup the venue so that it flows and is spaced properly. When you arrive to the property, we will have our furniture and fixtures placed where we discussed. If things have changed, it's no problem to tweak things during wedding setup. Because layouts in our space are not one size fits all, trust us to position the tables in the arrangement that makes the most sense for the space.

What cleanup are we responsible for?

If you hire the right vendors, you will only be responsible for your own belongings! We 100% recommend hiring a full service caterer. When you do, they typically take care of scraping plates, dumping abandoned drinks, keeping up with all cleanup throughout the evening, and trash removal so at the end of the night, you don't have to worry about it. We do require caterers to take the trash that they created with food and beverage waste. Our team takes care of general housekeeping including cleaning bathrooms, sweeping/mopping floors, wiping down tables, etc. 

Can we have fireworks on the property? Sparklers?

Fireworks are not permitted. We like our neighbors and try not to disturb them as much as possible.

Sparklers are allowed outside, off of all decks, and away from any structures. But want to know a secret? We think sparkler exits aren't worth the hype. You get some great photos, sure, but wrangling 100+ wedding guests who have been drinking isn't fun, easy, or safe. You can just as easily achieve gorgeous sparkler photos by doing a sparkler moment with just your wedding party or close family. Less people to manage and more intentional and intimate sparkler photos that you may actually want to print!

Can we use real candles in the barn?

Real flames are only allowed on an approval basis. If you have not received approval from your venue coordinator, you are not permitted to utilize real flame candles. There are certain candle setups that we are more comfortable with and some that we are not. Candles where the flame is fully protected may be approved such as lanterns, tall glass cylinders, or hurricanes. Candles that are not permitted are exposed taper candles, tea lights, and any candles with an open flame. Battery candles have come a long way and are always a good choice but if you are passionate about a real flame candle, let's chat!

Can we use confetti?

Confetti of any kind is NOT permitted inside the barn. Our original wood flooring likes to hide confetti for years to come so we do not allow it in the barn. Confetti may be used outside only if it is made of natural materials such as flower petals or dried flowers, or is fully biodegradable.

What time does the music have to end?

Amplified music must conclude promptly at 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays. For weekday and Sunday events, music must end promptly at 9pm. 

Can we have a tented ceremony and/or reception outside?

Yes and no. Ceremonies and cocktail hour can take place outside but party music and dancing cannot take place outside, that portion of the evening must be inside the barn. All large tents require a simple permit from the town. Reach out to us for more details on tent permits.

Can our DJ bring fog? How about cold sparks?

We do not allow cold sparks. We have had DJs use fog in the past but all equipment is different and we have had some not so great situations with fog so have your DJ get in touch with us so we can chat about their additional services and determine if they are permitted in the barn or not.

Can vehicles be left overnight?

Yes, cars can be left overnight. We would never want to force someone to drive home if they weren't able to. However, they must be picked up before 10am the next morning.

We are using a rental company. Can they drop items off or pick them up outside of the rental period?

This mainly depends on what the rentals are, their quantity, and their size. Have the rental company get in touch with us and we can discuss a plan of action with them.

Where can we obtain a Marriage License?

Find more information on Marriage Licenses in Hamilton, NY here.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

If you are having a caterer or bar service provide your beverages, outside alcohol is not permitted. There is an option for you to provide beer, wine, and ciders only (no hard liquor) for your event but you are required to obtain a one -day permit from New York State. Find more information about alcohol permits here.

Do you require event insurance?

Yes, we require every event to have an event insurance policy. It sounds complicated but it is an easy process that takes 5-10 minutes. You can purchase event insurance here.

Can we take photos around the property on our wedding day?

Absolutely! Just ask us and we'd be happy to give you recommendations!

Can we take our engagement photos at the Dunham Homestead property?

Sure! We allow engagement photos sessions during weekdays as long as the property is not reserved for an event. Reach out to us before scheduling the date and time of your shoot so we can check availability.

Can we hang or nail decorations into the wall?

This depends on what you're hanging and where. Certain walls are able to be used for hanging items and others are not. Your venue coordinator must give you approval to hammer any nails into the walls. We do not allow screws to be used for hanging.

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