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Our family

hello, we're the Dunhams!

Meet the Family

We one of the many generations of Dunhams that have grown up and worked on our family farm. The Dunham Homestead was founded over 200 years ago by a young Alpha Dunham and has been handed down through the generations ever since. Since the livestock have been gone for many years, we decided that we wanted to share our family history and the beauty of this amazing property with those who are recognizing their own heritage and adding to their family story.

For centuries, the Dunham Homestead has been a large part of the community in Hamilton, NY. It has shaped our family and provided a living for the generations before us. We now will do our part to keep the history alive by sharing our little piece of bliss in Upstate New York.


The Dunham Homestead

The Dunham farm is 200 acres of magnificent rolling hilltops overlooking the scenic Chenango Valley. The name 'Dunham' even means 'homestead on the hill'.  We think it was all just meant to be! There are two farmhouses on the property as well as various barns. The farmhouses have been restored into vacation rental homes, adding a perfect accent to the Heritage Barn for weddings and events.


Historically, the Dunham Homestead was primarily a dairy farm, however, other livestock and crops were raised on the land as well. We have learned that long before now, hops were actually a crop grown here so today, we are farming Hops on the property in an effort to bring hops back to Hamilton!


Heritage Barn

The Heritage Barn was built in 1956 and became the home of 69 Holstein cows. The lower portion of the barn is where the cows lived and the upper loft of the barn was used to store hay. The unique structure and column-free design provides a gorgeous cathedral style interior in the hayloft.

In 2019, we hosted our first event and have come so far since! Adding gorgeous string lights and chandeliers, indoor restrooms, a catering prep area, built-in bar, ceremony stage, expansive deck and outdoor space, and so much more, the Heritage Barn has transformed into a magical venue for receptions, weddings, and events.

The Dunham Family
Dunham Family Tractor
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